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Kriyayog is an ancient yogic technique to tune your body, mind and intellect for higher realization. Mahavtar Babaji, an ancient yogi taught Kriya yoga to many great personalities like Kabir, Christ and Adi Shankarachaya, among others. He has been the guiding source for this sacred knowledge through the ages.


Kriyayog is the combination of Pranayamas and Mudras, which triggers the upsurge of kundalini by aligning the chakras. Kriyayog leads the Sadhak into a deep meditative state.


Kriyayog supports the recovery from chronic health issues.  It also helps to tackle with issues related to mental health like depression and anxiety.

Techniques of Kriyayog are mentioned in the Yog Sutra (400 CE) by Sage Patanjali.

Maa Rudratmika

Maa Rudratmika, fondly known as Gurumaee is a spiritual master of Kriya Yoga and Social Reformer. She was born into a middle-class family of a mill worker on 5th December, 1970 in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Her transformational journey, from a young girl to a contemporary thinking spiritual master is a spellbinding story symbolized by discipline, dedication and compassion. She believes in revival of ancient wisdom of spiritualism but with rational and progressive approach as taught by her Masters of Himalayas.


In 2004, Maa Rudratmika got indroduced to Kriyayoga by Prem Guruji and looking at her spiritual progress she was asked to teach and spread Kriya Yoga.


On 14th of June, 2007 Maa Rudratmika had a vision, in which her late Guru Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa asked her to spend rest of her life to spread spiritual awareness. On the same day, she quit her business of printing and designing, immersing herself into the mission given by her guru.

She is amongst the few who has a direct dialogue with the Himalayan Master Shri Mahavtar Babaji. Later she met Vishwaguru Rudranaad Baba also Known as Mahabahu Baba, and she learnt the secrets of Kundalini Shastra, Pranayama, Rajyoga, Tantra, Dasa Mahavidya, Santana philosophy and the essence of Sufism.

Rudradhaam Ashram

A place to seek knowledge and self realization with the help of Kriyayoga for every seeker where one’s racial, religious and cultural identity is not a barrier.


The name Rudradhaam is given by Vishwaguru Mahabahu Rudranaadji for the upcoming visionary center of knowledge. Rudra is the fierce form of Shiva which destroys the evil and re-establishes the righteousness. Baba asked Maa Rudratmika to establish a place where a seeker is offered Sanatan (ultimate) Knowledge with the help of Kriyayog. Consciousness cannot be attained with a rigid mindset. Thus, Rudradhaam will be a place where revival of art, literature, martial arts, skill development, comparative religious studies will be conducted with progressive mindset. Rudradhaam doesn’t belong to any religion but Sanatan ideology which prevailed all around the world in search of pure knowledge.

At this powerhouse of Knowledge, energy and sanctity no one will ever go hungy. As Baba said to Maa Rudratmika, “Make a place where Azaan and Vedic hymes can amalgamate with grace for the sake of real knowledge where any seeker of truth be it atheist is welcome”.

Gufa Ashram

Gufa Ashram by Kriyayog Mission Foundation will be based in Kukuchina, Dwarhat district of Uttarakhand, India, near the caves of Mahavtrar Babaji.


Our vision is to create a comtemporary spiritual space for seekers across the world who want to learn Kriya yoga and meditate. Along with the spiritual training programmes Gufa Ashram will conduct several Social, Arts and Cultural programmes as well.


The Complex of Gufa Ashram will comprise of one meditation hall, rooms with all amenities, dormitories, library equipped with rare books on ancient sciences and philosophy, amphiteatre, first aid medical facility, ambulance for rural people, Kali Mandir for Shakti Sadhana and Shiv Temple, Common Cafetaria and Annakshetra where prasad will be served.

Along with the spiritual upliftment Kriyayog Mission Foundation is committed to work for the social empowerment and upliftment of the rural people of Kukuchina by various social programmes and providing facilities.



It's our first initiation course where Mahavtar Babaji's Kriya is taught. After learning Kriya, depending upon individual's sadhana they are offered further courses.



After completing 40 days of mandala of Kriya yoga, sadhak can apply for this course. Karmakshalan is an ancient yogic process of cleansing ones karmic blokages with the help of Sacred fire and yogic pratices. Aura reading and tratak is also taught in this course.



In this course sadhak is trained for Tatva (5 elements) sadhana, Pranayamas and Nadi Shastra.


Dashamahavidya Shakti Kriya

It is one of the most powerful ancient Tantric technique which helps in Devi sadhana. This is our final course offered only to those sadhaks who have completed three years of Sadhana. Interview is taken before offering this course.

Other Programs

Kriyayog & Trekking

A combination of Kriyayog and adventure sports. Aimed at all-round development and enrichment of the mind and body.


Art Meditation

It's a great course to explore your-self through creativity. Art is one of the best medium of meditation.


Leadership programme

This course focuses on personality development and building up leadership qualities.


Social service programme

A two month certificate course in Social Service helps students and youngsters to be aligned to help the society for a better tomorrow.

Shiv Swarodaya

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Dhyaan Dhaarna

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Mudra Shastra

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